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We Save You Time

Most people who use us for their London property search do so because they:

Want to save time during their London property search. It can take up to three months to properly research and view properties during a typical London property search, and that is after you have decided on the ideal area. We can save you this time. During registration we will assess in detail the type of property and all relevant requirements to give us the best opportunity of finding the ideal property. Many previous clients have been able to find their ideal property quickly by using our service.

Want to get the best price. We have been involved with London property for over twenty years this gives us a wonderful insight into all aspects of London property sales negotiation. As professional negotiators working solely for you, you are giving yourself the best chance of negotiating the best price and terms possible. We have found many different types of property for previous clients.

Don’t know the different areas. London is made up of 32 Boroughs and where you buy will make an enormous difference to price, quality of life, and chances of letting and ultimately increase in capital value of the property you buy. Other considerations include which postcode you buy in. One letter or number can make an enormous difference. SW1 Belgravia and parts of Knightsbridge or SW2 Brixton and parts of Tulse Hill. The difference in monetary terms is in the region of £500,000 per bedroom. Even the side of the road can make a difference to price. London Property Finders will guide you through the labyrinth of London property sales. Click here for further information on different areas in London.

Have never bought in London before. The system of buying a property is steeped in history, etiquette and “doing things at the right time”. The system of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another has evolved over many hundreds of years. With our experience you can rest assured that you will know exactly when things have to be done in order to secure your ideal property.

Want anonymity. It may be that, for your own reasons, you want to buy a property in London without other people knowing. All dealings with you are in the strictest confidence. Again, our loyalty lies with you, our client, and not with any other third party

We help you get the best price

Hot London property is difficult to find at the best of times and almost impossible from overseas. When you use London Property Finders for your property search in London you’re giving yourself the best chance of assessing all suitable properties in London property sales. Complete our call back form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.

Knowing the system

If it’s your first time buying property in London, the almost arcane system of purchase which has evolved over hundreds of years can be daunting. We speed the property finder in London through the sensitive etiquette that requires you to ‘do the right thing at the right time’.

Providing anonymity

We are the eyes, ears and mouth of the property finder in London throughout the purchase helping you to maintain a discreet distance from the process. All dealings with you are in the strictest confidence. Again, our loyalty lies with you, our client, and not with any other party.

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