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Estate Agents In London

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Estate Agents In London

London property agents advertise houses and flats for sale in London

They are acting for the seller of the property and are bound by law to get the best possible price for the property they are marketing. London Property Finders have more than twenty years experience in dealing with the sale and acquisition of property in London.

SavillsDealing with some estate agents in greater London is sometimes an arduous task. They are paid on commission only and as their loyalty lies with the seller can sometimes deal with buyers in a very brief manner.

Barnard MarcusWhen you are dealing with them they are generally trying to decide, as quickly as possible, how good a buyer you are. They will want to find out how motivated you are and how well you know what you are looking for and how quickly you can make a decision and proceed to a purchase.

HamptonsLondon property agents do not need to be qualified and therefore the level of experience and professionalism of some negotiators is questionable. This doesn’t take from most agents’ enthusiasm, but it does mean that some are not properly trained to deal with all of a buyers’ questions and requests.

Estate Agents London

London is awash with property agents; some good some bad. Below is a list of some of the better known estate agents in London:

While estate agents in central London are a natural place to look if you wish to buy a house or flat, it is important to realise that:

  • All estate agents are working on behalf of the seller.
  • It takes a lot of time to register with all the estate agents.
  • You may miss out on properties unless you can call them all regularly.

At London Property Finders we can quickly find the property that fits your requirements and then use our experience to help negotiate a good price. Given that property purchases are many times the size of any other personal transaction you typically make it makes sense to get good advice, and a saving of just a few percent can be a very large sum.

If you need further information on any estate agents in London send us and email and we will get back to you.

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